Art Deco Napier
19 - 23 February 2021

We take you on a journey to a bygone era and discover the music, style, fashion and glamour of the Art Deco era in Napier’s world famous Art Deco Festival!

Join Alex M, Lynette and Kelly as we combine this amazing festival with a group of musically minded, mad people.
$3,198 NZD
per person
twin share
Single Supplement
- ADD $595 NZD
Initial Deposit On Booking
$600 NZD
Second Deposit Due 2 October 2020
$750 NZD
Final Balance Due 16 November 2020

Art Deco Napier

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  • 2 Music concerts from escorts Alex M, Lynette and Kelly.
    Dinner and our own exclusive concert at the Church Road Winery Cellar entitled The Great Gatsby. Time to dress up, hurrah!
    Final night dinner and entertainment in the chapel at The Mission Estate with The Dancing Years.
    Attend the Festival Opera performance at the Municipal Theatre (subject to availability).
    Dress up and wander with entertainment and dancing by the sound shell all weekend plus antique fairs, bands, street stalls and a vintage car parade.


  • Our three wonderful escorts on this trip will love to sing for you, care for you and laugh with you and most importantly dress up with you. 
    Lynette Martin, Alex MIlligan and Kelly Harris love playing dress up and look gorgeous in everything as well as sing beautifully. 
    This is a trip where you do want to enjoy dressing up. It can be as simple as a feather boa from the $2 shop to full on Art Deco gear. Everyone dresses up even the teenagers and you do feel like you have stepped back in time. 
  • With the backdrop of the magnificent Art Deco buildings, the beach and the sound shell, like a time machine we are transported back to the 1930’s!
    We mix up our own special events with the local festivities presented by the Tremains Art Deco Festival, ranging from private concerts, large scale dinner events, exclusive historic house tours, high tea parties and wine tastings.
    The Gatsby Picnic will be the highlight of the week, where in elegant attire we mix with society’s elite, sip Earl Grey tea, partake of heavenly hampers under our canopy or parasols and listen to the antique gramophone.
    Wine tasting at Te Awa Winery and a  visit to Birdwoods Gallery & Sweet Shop, with time to wander the gardens and gallery, enjoy a cuppa in the cafe or step back in time with treats from the vintage sweet shop.
  • Crown Hotel (4 nights)
    We stay at the 4.5 star Crown Hotel, overlooking the stunning waterfront in the historical seaside village of Ahuriri, with the sun, sea and landscape on your doorstep. You can wander, rest, revel, whatever you wish!

This trip includes

  • • 5 day tour with 4 nights’ accommodation at the 4.5 star Crown Hotel.

    • Musical Art Deco events include Beach Banquet with band, Festival Opera (subject to availability) and 2 Operatunity concerts, The Great Gatsby at Church Road Winery and The Dancing Years at the Mission Estate.

    • Gatsby picnic including bubbles and hampers in a magnificent event of fine china, old gramophones and dressing up with parasols - the lot!

    • Other special events include vintage car tour of Napier, high teas, wine tastings.

    • A chance to dress up and wander through the festivities including street parades, bands, and vintage cars.

    • All breakfasts, 1 morning tea, 1 afternoon tea, 1 lunch, and 4 dinners included. 

    • Escorted by Alex Milligan, Lynette Martin and Kelly Harris.


    PLEASE NOTE: As our travellers are coming from all over NZ, airfares are not included


This tour will suit most people, even with a stick or a walker, but sorry not someone in a wheelchair. The activity level is gently paced, but you still need to be able to get on and off buses easily. There will be walking, but not a lot.


• All trips are subject to change but any changes will be of equal or greater value.

• Deposits refundable until final payment date minus any costs incurred, or an administration fee of up to $300.

• Travellers need to be independently mobile and fit to travel.

• Travellers are required to obtain comprehensive travel insurance for all international trips.

• Please refer to terms & conditions on our booking form.

Travel Insurance

Every customer is required to take out insurance for all international travel when taking a trip with Operatunity Ltd. We have our own travel insurance broker and we invite you to ring direct for your insurance requirements.

Phone Harriet on 09 3629038 Or email Harriet.lawrence@aon.comYou are of course welcome to make your own insurance arrangements for travel, just be sure that your insurance policy covers you extensively especially when travelling to certain countries such as USA with its high health costs.



Operatunity provides group senior travel and with this in mind we plan trips to suit our target market. But not every trip is created equal in terms of mobility. We want to give you the best possible experience but that will only be achieved if you are able to enjoy everything that our trips have to offer.
Most of our long haul trips require a better level of mobility. We will look after everyone as well as we possibly can, but we cannot look after one at the expense of the rest of the group. We also cannot have one person slowing the rest of group to the point where the group is not able to enjoy every experience we are able to provide.
With this in mind we have put a mobility clause into every trip. Under each explanation here I have popped a statement. Ask yourself if this is ‘you’, when booking on a trip.

None of the following mobility clauses preclude you from ordering a wheelchair at the airport if required.

1. GENTLE TOUR This tour will suit most people, even with a stick or a walker, but sorry not someone in a wheelchair. The activity level is gently paced, but you still need to be able to get on and off buses easily. There will be walking, but not a lot. “I love travelling, but at a gentle pace. I like to avoid stairs or too much activity, but I am able to get on and off buses easily.” 

2. EASY TOUR This tour will suit people with a stick, but not a walker. You will be required to walk to get from place to place and stand in museums, but it is designed to be an easy tour with lots of times to rest, travel on a coach and walk easy leisurely distances.  ”Walking is fine. I can get on and off a coach. I am happy to stand for an hour or two in museums and galleries and gently stroll through places of interest. I am happy to climb the odd set of stairs.” 

3. MODERATE WALKING TOUR This tour requires a better level of fitness with no wheelchairs or walkers. Generally, there may be times when we can’t get the coach close. In some of our Pacific Island tours we will need you to transfer onto a tender and walk on soft sand. We also will have much longer flights and long walks through airports. “I like walking at a moderate pace. I love to keep my days full and experience everything the tour has to  offer. Stairs, tender transfers and cobblestones don’t bother me.” 

4.  EXPLORING TOUR This is still a moderately paced tour, but you will be required to walk longer distances, walk on cobblestones and stand in museums. To really get the best out of this tour you need to be able to stand or walk for a couple  of hours comfortably, be it at a leisurely pace.  “I like to spend most of the day exploring. Whether walking historic neighbourhoods on cobblestones at a moderate pace or out and about on a coach, I want my days full. Stairs don’t bother me and I am keen to see and do as much as I can with the odd day off to recuperate.” 

  • Operatunity is a company specialising in music lovers tours to the senior market. Each trip has been especially planned to include music and arts experiences and has a level of friendliness and care which cannot be found anywhere else! Our trips are packed with features not found anywhere else

  • Yes we have lots of people who travel on their own. We endeavour to match you up with someone who lives close to you or is close in age to you. Often you will get a chance to meet with your matchup or ring them before you leave on your trip. You also may prefer to travel solo and pay the single supplement price. We travel as a happy band so there will be lots of chances to meet people. You will find fellow music lovers and those with other similar interests. In fact those like the nicer things of life so you will travel with like-minded people.
    It is also important to remember that our singers are our escorts so you will see at least a couple of familiar faces as you leave.

  • If you live outside of Auckland, we can arrange travel and accommodation on your way to meet up with our group. We have access and can book domestic airfares in conjunction with Air New Zealand international airfares. Plus we can book your pre and post tour accommodation if required.

  • It is compulsory for our international trips and highly recommended for our domestic tours. 

  • No as most airlines offer various special meals and any restaurants we visit are happy to accommodate special dietary requirements.

  • While we will endeavour to provide the best possible experience and care, all travellers must be fit to travel and be independent. All trips are catering for a senior market but some trips will suit better than others. Some trips also carry an advisory note as they require a higher level of fitness.

  • We ask that you can walk at least 100 metres unaided and be able to get on and off buses with little or no assistance. We cater for a senior market but it is important that you do not jeopardise the enjoyment of others by requiring more care and holding up the rest of the group. Talk to our office or staff at concerts and any advisory notes for individual trips to get a better idea of your suitability for each trip.

  • We stay at 4 and 5 star character hotels, avoiding package, tourist or big hotel chains. We choose  hotels with a more personal feel often with historic content or hotels of beauty and character, centrally located or in parks, by the water, or with beautiful gardens.

  • Breakfast is included daily, and many dinners and lunches are also included as per our itinerary.

  • There are no hidden costs. Included in the trip are tips, taxes, porterage, breakfast, meals where specified, inclusions listed in the itinerary, entry fees where listed in the itinerary, concert/show tickets where listed in the itinerary, tour escorts and local specialised guides. 

  • Some of our trips sell out very quickly and we recommend you make your booking as soon as you can to avoid disappointment. 

  • We will ask you to pay an initial deposit when making your booking. We will then follow up for a second deposit and then a final balance payment prior to travel.

  • All deposits up until final payment are refundable minus any costs the company may incur.

    After final deposit refunds are unlikely and the refund becomes an insurance claim. We do not charge a cancellation fee.

  • Our numbers vary from destination to destination, please contact our office for further information.  We have a minimum number required to operate a tour. Should minimum numbers not be met, a full refund will be made. 

  • For international trips, all guests must have a valid passport that does not expire earlier than at least 6 months beyond their intended stay. 

  • Music is a key element in making our experiences special. There are special experiences and events every day, such as themed dinners, impromptu concerts, music, art tours with art experts and garden tours with garden experts.

  • Most hotels now have internet connection and all hotels have telephones in the room or at reception. If using your mobile telephone check calling and text rates, and disable data roaming before leaving New Zealand. Consider purchasing a prepaid SIM card. And you can keep in touch using social media such as Facebook. We have a copy of your next of kin details in case of emergency and we are also happy to help out with texts, phone calls and emails if you can’t get in touch with your family and need to while away. We are also happy to help out with getting your phones, ipads and cameras to work if needed while away.

  • We spend less time travelling between regions, allowing more time to enjoy experiences when you arrive. We avoid one night stops and “conveyor belt” travel, so you really can capture the local colour and vitality of the region. Our trips are planned so that there is a balance of included activities and free time for you to relax or do some exploring on your own.

  • Contact Operatunity Travel 

    Phone toll free: 0508 886 489
    Mail your booking form to PO BOX 132 150, Sylvia Park, Auckland 1644
    Email: travel@operatunity.co.nz

  • Phone toll free: 0508 886 489
    Email: travel@operatunity.co.nz


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