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NZ Toll Free           0508 886 489

Office                     +64 9 588 4242

Email                      travel@operatunity.co.nz

Postal Address     PO Box 132-150, Sylvia Park, Auckland, 1644


For further information and full itineraries please ring our office or pick up a full itinerary from an Operatunity concert.

All trips are subject to change but any changes will be of equal or greater value. All deposits are refundable up until final payment date minus an administration fee.

Please refer to our terms and conditions on our booking forms.

While we carefully plan our trips to be well paced, all travellers need to possess a certain level of fitness. Some trips are more arduous and carry an advisory note in the itinerary that a specific level of fitness is required.




We understand the need for flexibility at present but there is also the need to have something to look forward to. Operatunity has put the following in place for our trips to protect your health and financial security.




1. Generally as a policy if we are unable to proceed with a trip due to
COVID-19 restrictions, we would, if possible, transfer the trip to new dates.
2. However we will refund you IN FULL if this trip is unable to be transferred due to Covid restrictions, even once you have paid finals for this trip.
3. This does not mean we would refund you if you simply changed your mind and decided not to go at the last minute.
4. It does mean, however, that if you had a medical certificate to say you were unwell to travel that we would work very hard to get as much of a refund back for you depending on hotels and other costs involved.
5. If we have booked your flights and the trip was unable to proceed, we will work hard to get you a credit or refund, but if the flights have already been ticketed this would be a credit for you to use on another occasion. We would be unable to get you a full refund for your airline tickets.


Health and Safety
Please do not travel if you are unwell.


1. If you have any cold or flu symptoms the week before departure, you must see your GP and obtain a medical certificate.
2. Wearing of Masks - You are welcome to bring your own mask and wear it
at any time. At time of printing this brochure, you are required to wear masks on the plane and on public transport. Masks will not be mandatory on our own coach, at our own meals or activities, or when we are within our group as we will be in our own bubble.
3. If you fall ill while on the trip, you will be asked to isolate in your room for a couple of days off to rest. You may also be asked to see a doctor and obtain a COVID test.
4. Hand washing - We have provided a travel size hand sanitiser, please use this frequently throughout the day and wash your hands!


These policies have been compiled to allow you to travel with confidence and with utmost enjoyment as well as keep you safe and keep our New Zealand bubble safe! Let’s go and have some fun and experience the most beautiful country in the world!





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