Where will your dream destination be in 2020?

2020 travel is now open for bookings!

We are delighted to share our next set of tours with you and can't wait for all the fun, laughter and music that we will all experience.

With 15 fabulous tours on offer, there's something to suit everyone; every music taste, every mobility level, every dietry requirement, Operatunity Travel can cater to your needs to ensure you have the most relaxing and memorable journey.

Join us in 2020 for a trip of a lifetime.


Download the full 2020 brochure here, or click on a tour title below to see its full itinerary.


NORFOLK ISLAND MUSIC FESTIVAL, 23 February - 01 March Hosted by Marian Burns, Susan Boland, Karl Perigo, Russell Dixon, Suzanne Lynch, Stuart Coats and Isaac Pawson, accompanied by Bruce French, Grant Winterburn and Mike Booth!


EGYPT - IN THE FOOTSTEPS ON THE PHARAOHS, 06 - 29 March Hosted by Karl Perigo & John Cameron.


FROLICKING IN THE FAR NORTH, 21 - 28 March Hosted by Alex Milligan, Paul Carnegie-Jones and Stuart Coats.


VANUATU MUSIC FESTIVAL, 25 April - 03 May Hosted by our stunning Three Tenors, Bonnie, Derek Hill, and Kalauni Pouvalu, Susan Boland, Amanda Atlas, violinist Jessica Hindin, accompanied by concert pianist Stephen De Pledge.


PORT DOUGLAS MUSIC FESTIVAL, 07 - 14 May Hosted by Susan Boland, Bonaventure Allan-Moetaua, Alex Milligan, Derek Hill, Kelly Harris, Rebecca Wright, Hamish McGregor, Jess Hindin and Paul Carnegie-Jones.


SAMOA MUSIC FESTIVAL, 13 - 20 June Hosted by Karl Perigo, Charlotte West, Rory Nolan and Isaac Pawson as well as our band with Bruce French, Grant Winterburn and Mike Booth


THE MUSIC AND MAGIC OF IRELAND, 21 June - 15 July Hosted by Marian Burns, Karl Perigo and Suzanne Lynch.


RUSSIA - WATERWAY OF THE TSARS, 27 June - 19 July Hosted by Bonaventure Allan-Moetaua & Alex Milligan.


WINTER WONDERLAND, 19 - 29 July Hosted by Lynette Martin & Hamish McGregor.


GRAND TOUR OF SCOTLAND, 19 July - 12 August Hosted by John Cameron, Marian Burns and Karl Perigo.


BAVARIA, AUSTRIA & OBERAMMERGAU: TOUR ONE 09 August - 01 September Hosted by Sue & John.

TOUR TWO 02 - 25 August (subject to demand) Hosted by Alex Milligan & Lynette Martin.


MUSIC ON THE MURRAY, 25 September - 02 October Hosted by Susan Boland, Bonaventure Allan-Moetaua, Karl Perigo, Alex Milligan, Amanda Atlas, Kelly Harris, Russell Dixon, Stuart Coats and Paul Carnegie-Jones.


THE GREAT NEW ZEALAND TRAIN JOURNEY, 11 - 25 October Hosted by Karl Perigo, Suzanne Lynch and Hamish McGregor.


TARANAKI GARDEN SPECTACULAR & CHATEAU, 30 October - 06 November Hosted by John Cameron, Lynette Martin and Hamish McGregor.


RAROTONGA MUSIC FESTIVAL, 07 - 14 November Hosted by Jessica Hindin, our Three Tenors Bonaventure Allan-Moetaua, Derek Hill and Kalauni Pouvalu with sopranos Susan Boland and Kelly Harris and Paul Carnegie-Jones.



2020 Travel Now Open!


Three Tenors, Triple the Thrills
Three Tenors, Triple the Thrills
2 New Trips Added!
2 New Trips Added!
Important Notice from Operatunity Travel 2021 + 3 New Trips!
Important Notice from Operatunity Travel 2021 + 3 New Trips!
Introducing Chet O’Connell
Introducing Chet O’Connell

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