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Welcome To Operatunity

Operatunity is New Zealand’s leading provider of daytime concerts and music travel for seniors.

Music is our common language. Don’t let the name Operatunity fool you. It is a play on the words Opera and tunes. We are not highbrowed but we are excellent at what we do. The company is divided into two sections - music travel and daytime concerts. We present over 25 luxury music group tours, both in New Zealand and internationally each year.

We present nearly 200 themed daytime concerts each year throughout New Zealand.

Our success is due to the professional standard of our concerts with famous songs presented in a fun and friendly way and the quality, content, camaraderie and care of our bespoke, music tours.

Come and see why over 70,000 people enjoy Operatunity concerts and tours each year.

Experience the Operatunity difference!


Bringing unique musical experiences to seniors.


Thanks for contacting us we will be in touch as soon as possible.

Get in Touch


Po Box 132150
Sylvia Park, Auckland 1644


Unit 2, Building C, 
4 Pacific Rise, 
Mt Wellington, Auckland 1060



Toll Free 0508 266 237


Toll Free 0508 886 489

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