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What is Operatunity Travel?

Operatunity Travel presents music, luxury group tours throughout the world. Every itinerary is specially crafted by us, making your travel experience unique. We look after every detail, with no hidden extra costs.

Our common language is music, whether it be travelling to Croatia on a chartered music cruise, a short trip in New Zealand to bask in our country's beauty or travelling on one of our music festivals to Australia or the South Pacific where our artists will entertain you.


Why travel with us? 

Because we are the only company in the world who does what we do. What other company, anywhere in the world provides you with your own singers travelling with you, hosts by day, entertainers by night? And our ratio of staff to customers is higher than any other company we know - plus local guides, coach drivers and local hosts as well.

We eat with you and play and sing and provide awesome adventures. We look after every detail and we give you the best of ourselves and the best of the destination in quality of content and care AND we have fun along the way.

What do our trips include?

Every trip includes music concerts from our artists and/or special music events like operas, shows and ballet, all in the best seats. We experience local cultural shows, history, art, scenery - the best that each destination has to offer. We also provide you with the best guides, hotels, music content and special different flavours and treats along the way.

What about if I get sick while away?

All our senior staff hold a current first aid certificate and we carry first aid kits with us at all times. We will help facilitate your care and give a loving hand if needed but we will not give medical advice.

Your health and safety is important to us. Our policy is to seek medical assistance quickly, as we are not trained medical professionals. We will look after you as well as we can, but we cannot look after you at the expense of the rest of the group as we have a duty of care to them as well. If you need to stay in hospital, we will notify your next of kin to take over your care as required. We will stay in touch and help as much as we can to ensure your well-being and help in any way we can.


Can I travel if I am on my own?

Of course we welcome you and ensure you feel part of our tour family. Many of our customers are widows who are travelling for the first time solo. So you will be travelling with others who are on their own.

You may choose to pay the single supplement or you may request a match-up with another customer of the same gender. We cannot guarantee the compatibility of the match-up although every effort will be made.  Where an uneven number of match-ups are requested, the final person booking will be offered the choice of paying the single supplement or a full refund.

Is everything included?

Included in the trip are tips, taxes, porterage, breakfast, meals where specified, inclusions listed in the itinerary, entry fees where listed in the itinerary, concert/show tickets where listed in the itinerary, tour escorts and local specialised guides.  Our brochures outline where they are included and when you need to purchase at own cost, drinks are not always included.


What if I cancel before travel?

Please refer to our terms and conditions for cancellation charges.  If you cancel after final balance due date, it becomes an insurance claim. Please ensure you take out insurance before final balance is due. 


A cooling off period of 21 days is offered on booking. You can cancel without penalty within the 21-day cooling period, before the final balance due date. After this date, the cooling off period of 21 days does not apply and cancellation fees will apply as per our usual cancellation policy. 


 Do you cater to specific dietary requirements?

We can request most special dietary requirements on airlines and restaurants we visit, however some limitations may apply.  Please make sure you note this on your initial booking form, so we have advance notice.  Any dietary requests must be made no later than 30 days before departure. It is not possible to accommodate last minute requests.

Do I need a passport and visa?

For international travel you must have a valid passport that does not expire earlier than at least 6 months beyond your intended return to NZ. If you are not travelling on a NZ passport you will need to check your eligibility to enter a certain country. This will be at the responsibility of the traveller.  For those with a NZ passport in most cases we will help sort visas and costs may already be included for the trip, if required and/or we will advise you before departure.


How mobile do I need to be to undertake one of your trips?

We have a range of mobility levels and each trip is different.  Please make sure you read the mobility clause under each trip, and it is also recommended you speak with your GP for clearance to undertake the trip. We cannot look after one person at the expense of the rest of the group. 

Please see our mobility page for more details.

I am in a wheelchair, will you look after me?

We seek to accommodate the needs of guests with disabilities whenever possible. However, in most cases we are unable to take customers with walkers, wheelchairs or other mobility issues. Certain trips may be unsuitable due to walking or limited availability of accommodation with disabled facilities. We cannot be responsible for the care of customers suffering from significant cognitive illness (such as dementia). We ask such customers to consult with your doctor to obtain medical clearance. Guests needing assistance must be accompanied by an able companion who will be available to assist them and assume full responsibility for their wellbeing.


Do I need travel insurance?

It is a requirement that you have comprehensive travel insurance for all international travel and highly recommended for domestic travel.  Please see our insurance page for more details.

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