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Insurance for New Zealand trips is entirely at your discretion, but is highly recommended.


Every customer is required to take out full insurance for all international travel, as per our terms and conditions.

You will need to send proof of cover to our office before you depart NZ. 


As all monies are non-refundable at final balance due date, we strongly encourage you take out insurance before this date. 


Many local travel agents arrange insurance or you can purchase online from reputable insurance companies. Be aware that not all insurance policies cover every aspect of your health or cancellations of a trip. Ensure you read the small print. Insurance cover is solely the responsibility of the traveller.


All trips have been assigned one of four mobility criteria. Please read these clauses carefully and discuss with your doctor or ring us if you have  any concerns about your ability to undertake a trip. We want you to have a great time and not feel overwhelmed by the trip. We will give you our best care, but we cannot look after one person at the expense of the rest of the group’s enjoyment and care. We may require you to fill out a medical form or seek medical advice before accepting your booking. Health issues can develop since you booked a trip with us, so feel free to ask questions, keep in touch or consult your doctor if your health has changed since booking.

Easy Tour

This tour will suit people with a stick, but not a walker or in a wheelchair. You will be required to walk to get from place to place and stand in museums and gardens, but it is designed to be an easy tour with lots of time to rest, travel on a coach and walk easy leisurely distances. You will need to be able to get on and off a bus with ease.

Moderate Tour

This trip has a little more walking than an easy tour. It is a moderate tour for one of the following reasons - you may need to walk with ease for up to one hour at a slow pace or be able to climb stairs or be able to get on and off boats, trains and buses. This trip will not suit those on walkers and a moderate level of mobility is required.

Active Tour

All our trips are specifically designed for our core market, but this trip does contain travel challenges, either because of the region visited or the walking distances or uneven surfaces that arise at some sites. We do advise that you evaluate your level of fitness with your doctor before you consider booking this tour. This is still a moderately paced tour, but you will be required to walk longer distances, potentially walk on cobblestones and ancient ruins and stand in museums. To really get the best out of this tour you need to be able to stand or walk for a couple of hours comfortably, be it at a leisurely pace. You also need to be able to climb up to three flights of stairs at a leisurely pace with pauses as needed.

Adventure Tour

All our trips are designed with our core customers in mind, but an adventure trip does present its own challenges. The clauses for Adventure tours are written specifically to that trip. This is because each adventure trip has its own mobility challenges which cannot be generalised. Please refer to the trip's specific adventure mobility clause in either the individual brochures or on our website. 

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