Betty, Delve into the Deep South 2018

Reviewed on 12/03/2018

Thank you for my holiday in the Deep South. I am refreshed and revitalized, being cared for by your admirable guides who magically transformed into actors and singers at dusk; their voices enchanted us.

Helen & Grahame H, Southern Lakes and Fiords 2018

Reviewed on 23/10/2018

Many thanks to you all for a fabulous, magic holiday. We could not fault it. The organization of the tour in every respect, accommodation, company, meals and of course the superb entertainment. We would certainly recommend you to our friends.

Jennifer S-R, Croatia & Slovenia 2018

Reviewed on 19/12/2018

I have just got your exciting package from my letterbox, hurried inside to open and see the contents and sink back into a wonderful time of reminiscing.
Thank you, thank you, thank you, for the most wonderful journey of my lifetime.
As I have said many times, I loved every moment of it. It way exceeded my expectations - and Bonnie and Jess you were the most superb hosts.
I will treasure the memories for my lifetime!!

Dorothy - 2020

Reviewed on 28/05/2020

Dear Sue and John

Huge thanks for another very special Happiness Half Hour. Amazing interview with Dame Vera Lynne and John’s medal story was very poignant and a great credit to you both.
Your story of one of the oldest audience members Sue was an inspiration to us all.
Congratulations on all the Happiness Half Hours. I am enjoying being able to play them over and over!!! Good luck and very best wishes.

Barry - 2020

Reviewed on 28/05/2020

Dear Sue, John & the Gang,

What a way to finish my Anzac Day!

I have just watched your Anzac Special and I have to send this note of appreciation for a wonderful presentation.

The programme brought back memories for me as I certainly know all of the songs, which, during the war were great morale boosters.

Your Happiness Half Hours are excellent, much appreciated and seem to get better and better!

My day started before 6.00am when I stood outside to join in the remembrance and now has finished in the best possible way.

My sincere thanks to all involved.

Malcolm, Tauranga - 2020

Reviewed on 28/05/2020

Thank you for yet another lovely concert. These concerts are a ray of sunshine in these days of lock downs and it is so nice to feel we are getting to know you on a more personal basis. Love the music, the photographs and love the humour!!

Look forward to seeing you back on stage in Tauranga as soon as circumstances permit. It's a nice feeling to know I belong to the Operatunity family.

Love and best wishes to all.

Lynn, Whangarei -100 Glorious Years of Song 2020

Reviewed on 28/05/2020

FANTASTIC show in Whangarei yesterday and congratulations to Sue for her award. I took my sister to a show when she was visiting from Vancouver and she was amazed at the talent and costumes and wished they had something similar in Canada.

She is always keen to hear of my travels with the Operatunity family.

Thank you, Sue and John you bring so much joy.

Judy, Lower Hutt - Christmas at the Proms 2019

Reviewed on 28/05/2020

Dear Operatunity team, Sue & John

A huge thank you for a fabulous Christmas at the Proms at Lower Hutt. My favourite moment? The Queen’s Speech! And the mad conductor song! Suffice to say every one of the artists were incredible and the musical mini- orchestra just was the icing on the cake.

We are in awe of the professionalism, talents and bubbling enthusiasm every time we attend your concerts.

Wishing you all peace, love and happiness in the coming year,

With love & best wishes.

Margaret Smart’s Group, Christchurch - 2020

Reviewed on 28/05/2020

We have just attended the Glenn Miller concert in Christchurch. What a wonderful time we had. With the beautiful costume changes by the girls and the music that took us back in time another enjoyable morning. Thank you very much you are all real troupers to keep us entertained after a rather tough night getting to Christchurch.

Bon, Mosgiel/Dunedin – 2020

Reviewed on 28/05/2020

Hurrah! Hurrah! What a bottler of a show. We laughed, we cheered, we were treated to a delightful
time of music and fun. What a wonderful proms at Mosgiel today. Particularly, the rendition of
O Holy Night which was powerful, poignant and so special to me as was The Holy City – I sat, closed
my eyes and listened to these two beautiful songs performed so wonderfully.

Neat to have a special English guest on stage in all her finery at one stage.

Hope all at Operatunity have a wonderful and blessed Christmas.

Look forward to 2020 concerts.

John and Khristine, Rotorua 2020

Reviewed on 28/05/2020

Dear John and Sue,

We would like to thank you so much for the wonderful concert that we attended in Rotorua. It was just fantastic as they get better all the time. We are so happy that we are apart of the Operatunity family. Your concerts are a special treat for us as they lift our hearts and send us home with a smile and still singing. You are all so good and will never be forgotten. What a wonderful way to start the year. We love you all. We love you all. We wish you all a very happy New Year.

Norfolk 2020, Trish White

Reviewed on 02/06/2020

My trip to your music festival at Norfolk Island was superb! I cannot express my appreciation strongly enough - thank you seems so inadequate. I wouldn’t have missed it for the world!

Your talents and those of your brilliant co-stars will live in my memory for a long long time. I was moved to tears at times the singing so beautiful and meaningful. And each day a new setting and new experience to enjoy.

To add to all the music it was great fun too! And the food delicious!

Many many thanks.

Bryan & Heather H, Melbourne 2020

Reviewed on 04/06/2020

We want to thank you so much for another wonderful trip and for the memory stick and the great group photo that arrived so quickly. It was so nice to be able to catch up with the four people we met on the 2017 Croatia trip and make new friends, some of whom will be on the Murray River in September. We thoroughly enjoyed the shows but the wee concerts provided by Lynette, Alex, Kelly and Jess are what we think set your trips apart and make them so special.

Denise T, Ireland 2019

Reviewed on 04/06/2020

The music, history, literature, the beautiful landscapes, and charming and helpful people will always be remembered.
This was my tenth trip with Operatunity, each one has been outstanding and unique.
Sue and John have created an amazing company, giving such pleasure to so many, bless you for that.
So many highlights, too numerous to mention, an unforgettable journey, memories to last a lifetime, the list goes on.

Rowena & Bruce, Sydney 2020

Reviewed on 04/06/2020

We thoroughly enjoyed every minute of every day and came home with heaps of amazing things to talk about and remember. We love our time with Operatunity and now looking forward to our next trip.

Many thanks to Sonia for organizing everything for us. Where would we be without you all.

Sylvia S, Norfolk 2020

Reviewed on 04/06/2020

I just want to thank you so very much for your kindness and help arranging my travel to Norfolk Island.

Everything went without a hitch. I had a wonderful time. It was so hot though. I met some lovely people. Sue and the team kept us so busy and was very tentative.

Fay, Norfolk 2020

Reviewed on 14/07/2020

Thank you both, and your talented team of entertainers for a wonderful trip to Norfolk Island.
It was certainly a time of song, music, love and laughter, and great fun.
I always appreciate the dress code that you have the smartly dressed men and the beautiful gowns you and your ladies wear.
Also thank you to all the crew for looking after us all so well, it is very much appreciated, I am very grateful for the help I received, so it was possible to join the trip.



Glenda, Norfolk 2020

Reviewed on 14/07/2020

Another wonderful tour with Operatunity.
Another bunch of special highlights to remember and put in my memory bank. The pleasure each tour gives me is priceless and has added greatly to the very happy person I am. I can’t wait for the next one to Vanuatu.
I feel very special being picked up and taken home after each tour.
It was a great pleasure to see Bonnie, Karl, Paul, Marian, Suzanne, and the Band and to meet Russell. I am in awe of the talents all of them possesses and what lovely people they all are as well.

Love and best wishes,


Rowena & Bruce, Norfolk 2020

Reviewed on 14/07/2020

Bruce and I wish to say thank you for a truly incredible week with you all in Norfolk Island.
It was a magical time filled with glorious musical events and fun filled activities every day.
It never ceases to amaze us as to how much time and effort you all put into these holidays to make them so special for us, the travelers.
We are left with so many wonderful memories.
Looking forward to our next trip with you.
Many thanks again for this special time.

Kindest regards,

Rowena & Bruce

Averill & Fred, Sydney 2019

Reviewed on 14/07/2020

Thank you so much for a truly enjoyable trip to Sydney. The organization was superb and the last night’s concert was wonderful.
You are a special team, all so caring and warm. We really appreciate your efforts and concern,

Averill & Fred

Brenda, Scandinavia 2019

Reviewed on 14/07/2020

Thank you for making our trip around Scandinavia and St Petersburg such a wonderful experience.
John and Stu were great escorts sharing their knowledge, sense of humour and looking after us so well. - Especially around these busy bicycle lanes!

Thank you for all that you do in organizing in such detail the many trips offered each year, and personally escorting many of them. I take my hat off to you, thank you most sincerely for giving us seniors especially those of us now on our own, the opportunity to travel safely and have such a wonderful experience and fun.

Kind regards,


Denise, Ireland 2019

Reviewed on 14/07/2020

The music, history, literature, the beautiful landscapes and charming and helpful people will always be remembered.
This was my tenth trip with Operatunity, each one has been outstanding and unique.
Sue and John have created an amazing company, giving such pleasure to so many, bless you for that.
There were many highlights, too numerous to mention, an unforgettable journey, memories to last a lifetime, the list goes on…

Gary and Raewyn, Rarotonga 2019

Reviewed on 14/07/2020

A few words of thanks for another well organised trip a trip down memory lane for several other people.
We visited places that most tourists wouldn't even venture to.
Your team members were outstanding, working together, helping the group, courteous, patient and understanding. The entertainment was superb and team leader Bonnie’s management skills were excellent.

Sincerely Gary and Raewyn

Glenda, Rarotonga 2019

Reviewed on 14/07/2020

Dear Sue and John,

You can be so proud of how Bonnie, Jess, Kalauni along with Derek, Stephen and Briony represented you both.
They were outstanding. The staff at the crown resort Rarotonga were wowed “look at how much enjoyment people who you think could not go travelling are having” they said.
The staff couldn’t have been more helpful themselves.
The entertainment blew everyone away and the joy it gave was unmeasurable.
As always, your travelling company is out on its own, and already I have booked another trip. Sonja is a joy to talk too.

Many thanks,


Three Tenors, Triple the Thrills
Three Tenors, Triple the Thrills
2 New Trips Added!
2 New Trips Added!
Important Notice from Operatunity Travel 2021 + 3 New Trips!
Important Notice from Operatunity Travel 2021 + 3 New Trips!
Introducing Chet O’Connell
Introducing Chet O’Connell

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