Pat, Murray River

Reviewed on 14/12/2016

We have travelled overseas on many trips with several different companies and we both felt we have never been on a better organised tour where we were so thoughtfully cared for, or on a tour where we had such a variety of fun activities

Dot D, Murray River

Reviewed on 14/12/2016

What a fantastic trip to the Murray River we have just had! There are not enough words to describe how excellent everything you did for us throughout the whole trip was and as for the concerts - wow! They were world class and enormous fun! I loved every bit of this great trip which was a REAL holiday and VERY classy! THANK you all for all the hard work and effort and great care of us all by the whole team. This was trip number 5 for me and they keep getting even better each time! Huge thanks Sue and John for bringing your A team! We are very lucky!

Chris and John, England & Wales

Reviewed on 14/12/2016

The trip was memorable in so many ways – the people who traveled with us, the music, the hotels we stayed in, and the many wonderful places we visited. We wish to thank you so much for your meticulous planning.

Glenda, Fairytale Europe

Reviewed on 14/12/2016

A big thank you for another fantastic holiday, full of beautiful highlights. The concerts, scenery, the company, the enchanting places we went were all amazing, memories that will I live with for the rest of my life!

Noeline, Winter Wonderland

Reviewed on 14/12/2016

All the planning was superb, but I should particularly like you to pass on my thanks to Tessa May, Alex and Cameron for their assistance, consideration and humour – not to mention the musical entertainment. They were all great. Thank you for a lovely holiday

Alison, Waitemata & Waiheke Island

Reviewed on 14/12/2016

I have reluctantly slipped back into everyday life after such a wonderful five days on our Waitemata & Waiheke Island Trip. What a lovely time we had...great scenery, entertainment, food, plus convivial company. We couldn’t have asked for anything better. Top marks for such a well organised trip, especially that memorable concert in the Poderi Crisci Vineyard! It was a night to remember - the venue, the excellent food and of course the topmost quality musical entertainment. We were so lucky to have all that in the mix of a great tour in the region.

Marjorie, Waiheke Island

Reviewed on 01/05/2016

Operatunity is champagne for the soul

Kathleen, Nelson

Reviewed on 14/12/2016

Just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the I Love Paris concert. It was one of the best ever. The beautiful back drop and the equally beautiful songs and music, made it feel as if I was right there in Paris.

Dot, Hastings

Reviewed on 14/12/2016

I knew all the words of all the songs - a fabulous program and each performer was perfect in their individual songs and the ensembles were beautiful with great endings! A standing ovation at the end with cheering and clapping was testament to everyone’s enjoyment. It is certainly up there with the best and everyone wore a huge smile as they left! THANK YOU ALL for brightening our lives!!

Lindsay, Kapiti

Reviewed on 14/12/2016

I just wanted to pass on my congratulations on today’s show. I’m so pleased I attended, as was my neighbour, who was entranced. This was everything such occasions should be: heartfelt, poignant, funny, inspiring, uproarious, festive ... immensely satisfying. Please pass on my plaudits to everyone.

Judi and Graham

Reviewed on 14/12/2016

We laughed, sang, cried and clapped our hands sore, it truly was that good a performance. Our congratulations and thanks to all who work so hard to bring these concerts together and the performers who give their all to entertain us so well.

Pam, Rotorua

Reviewed on 19/12/2016

Thank you for all the wonderful concerts, the happiness they give us and for being such friendly good people.

Wendy Joy, Invercargill

Reviewed on 14/02/2017

We thoroughly enjoyed the superb concert today in Invercargill. So honest and moving. Very professional. Our first time. We look forward to becoming regulars.

Jackie S, Art Deco Napier, 2017

Reviewed on 13/03/2017

We have come to expect nothing but perfection from you all and the trip to Art Deco Napier was no exception. The attention to detail, marvelous trips to wineries and historic homes, coupled with the marvelous attention from Lynette, Karl and Alex, made for a magical experience. Thank you all so much. Such fun to dress up each day!


Reviewed on 18/05/2017

Just must tell you .... I went to the concert this morning. Came home on such a high I couldn’t work! What a morning. How lucky we are. A thousand thanks to all of you there. Operatunity is playing such a big part in my life’s joys.

Heather H, Phantom to Les Mis Concert, 2017

Reviewed on 08/06/2017

Another wonderful concert by Operatunity – enjoyed every minute of it – great background scenery on stage, lovely playing by Paul, outstanding singing by all and lots of comedy from Karl and Alex. Looking forward to It’s Rainin Men! Cheers.

Dot, From Phantom to Les Mis 2017

Reviewed on 08/06/2017

Wow, what a superb concert this morning! What fabulous and varied costumes! It was an absolute blast and looked to be a full house!
Thank you for these amazing concerts. They are so very good for the soul and such fun!

Gillian, France

Reviewed on 05/07/2017

The warmth of your hospitality, friendship, knowledge and most of all the caring you both showed to all on this tour was amazing.

Shona C, Phantom to Les Mis Concert, 2017

Reviewed on 10/07/2017

My sister and I attended today's concert in Hastings. Like the last concert it was absolutely fabulous. Congratulations to you and John for finding all these wonderfully talented artists to bring so much enjoyment and happiness to we senior citizens.

Alison B, Rainin' Men Concert, 2017

Reviewed on 10/07/2017

Thankyou for all the boys of It's Raining' Men. I really enjoyed the concert I didn't want it to stop so awesome, thankyou again.

Heather, Proms Concert 2017

Reviewed on 26/09/2017

What a wonderful, exciting concert I attended in Mosgiel this morning/early afternoon. The whole audience was abuzz and enjoyed singing along, clapping and even attempting their versions of the twist! Coronation Hall was packed with Karl having to bring in more chairs to accommodate the large number of people. Karl was very impressive carrying a number of chairs up the steps to the back of the Theatre.
Well done to all presenters!

Dot, Fabulous 50's Concert 2017

Reviewed on 18/10/2017

Another wonderful concert today at the Fabulous 50’s concert, full of fun and laughter with everyone singing and clapping and dancing. The venue was packed with very happy people living for two hours in the past. I felt young and free amidst all that great music again.

Lynn, USA & Canada 2017

Reviewed on 07/11/2017

Operatunity is the only way to travel if you love music and the theatre.

Dot D, Christmas Concert 2017

Reviewed on 16/11/2017

Huge thanks for another excellent and fun filled concert today with all six performers going the extra mile. You make us laugh and sing and lift our spirits. Everyone was smiling afterwards and you do more for our health than any medication!

Wayne & Mavis, New Plymouth, 2017

Reviewed on

My wife, Mavis, and myself yesterday (Fri. 27/10/2017) attended your ‘Fabulous 50’s’ show at the New Plymouth venue and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Thank you! All the performers were brilliant and the song selection was great. Lots of reminiscing done.

Don & Denise, Hunterville, 2017

Reviewed on 11/12/2017

We always enjoy our drive through to Wanganui on Operatunity days and love our wonderful time listening to all the magical music and of course the great jokes that Sue remembers. We have just been down on the Southern Lakes and Fiords tour with Sue and thoroughly loved every minute with the group.Thank them all for sharing those days with us.

Estelle L, 2017

Reviewed on 20/12/2017

Thanks for bringing us world class shows 8 times a year! Such a highlight in our lives. May you have a blessed Christmas and may 2018 be your best year ever!

June M, 2017

Reviewed on 09/01/2018

I always leave feeling on 'cloud 9'. I look forward to 2018 for the wonderful concerts and the two trips I am booked on later in the year.

Jean J, 2017

Reviewed on 09/01/2018

Thank you for all the hard work you do to bring us all such pleasure each year. Long live Operatunity!

Jenny W, Italy 2017

Reviewed on 09/01/2018

What a trip!! It gives me great pleasure every day to remember different places, walks we went on, guides we had and hotels we stayed in. ...This trip was like a dream - it WAS a dream-come-true! ...You are nothing short of remarkable and it's little wonder your trips are so popular!

Diane & Susan, Irish Concert 2018

Reviewed on 07/02/2018

Wow another great concert, you sure can pull them out of the bag. The musical performance was wonderful as usual, you are all so talented. We nearly cried laughing at the Irish Dancing!

Colleen B, Irish Concert 2018

Reviewed on 07/02/2018

I was entranced and delighted by talented Jess, the magic she shares with the audience is truly wonderful. Then we come to Riverdance, Operatunity style. Bryony was so exciting, the 2 men with their “high kicks” were brilliant and then, something I will always recall and chuckle at, Susan’s outrageous and courageous appearance to join the dance. You once again gave us another fabulous concert.

Ron H, Irish Concert 2018

Reviewed on 07/02/2018

Congratulations to all on a truly wonderful concert the most entertaining I have seen in 15 years of visits. The baptism of fire of Bryony was great, she is a wonderful addition to the team. The staging and humour were a hilarious treat especially the alligator consuming Donald Trump and the Irish joke as usual.

Dorreen, Irish Concert 2018

Reviewed on 12/03/2018

Still remembering the joy the Irish concert gave to the people who were there on Friday, had all the components of an 'Irish Do'; funny, moving and so well presented by all the artists.

Betty, Delve into the Deep South 2018

Reviewed on 12/03/2018

Thank you for my holiday in the Deep South. I am refreshed and revitalized, being cared for by your admirable guides who magically transformed into actors and singers at dusk; their voices enchanted us.

Denise, Delve into the Deep South 2018

Reviewed on 12/03/2018

What a beautiful country we live in, the ability to explore with great company, wonderful singers, sublime accommodation, a superb driver, care, consideration, every need catered for. What more could anyone ask for!

Beryl D, Irish Concert 2018

Reviewed on 12/03/2018

I have seen Luck of the Irish today and what a great show! Not only did they entertain us with a wonderful program but they seemed to enjoy themselves as well. Another good launch of the new years concert series.

Pauline B, Rat Pack Concert 2018

Reviewed on 12/03/2018

I have been to many of your wonderful daytime concerts but feel I must congratulate the 3 gentleman in today's show. They were superb. Also a great band. Thank you for all the pleasure you give to us and a big thank you to all your talented performers.

Sue P, Rat Pack Concert 2018

Reviewed on 20/03/2018

Loved the Rat Pack Concert and the tap dancing! All the artists were excellent but we particularly loved Rutene Spooner who has such a beautiful voice. He also amazed us with his balancing on his toes when tap dancing! Astonishing!

T Broughton, Irish Concert 2018

Reviewed on 13/03/2018

The programme was great, the backdrop was marvelous, the concert was exceptional. Really, really great show. Congratulations and thank you very much.

Jane M, Because You ASKED For It 2018

Reviewed on 09/05/2018

I would like to mention the most talented pianists Penny, she deserved a standing ovation for today’s show (in fact they all did!)

Jacqueline D, Because You ASKED For It 2018

Reviewed on 09/05/2018

Saw this show in Invercargill and it was amazing, well done to you all and thanks for lifting people's spirits, love you all.

Margaret P, Because You ASKED For It 2018

Reviewed on 09/05/2018

This was such a slick, sensational concert and great value for the money. Gave me goosebumps!

Rosemary P, Because You ASKED For It 2018

Reviewed on 09/05/2018

Great concert Operatunity, with a very special selection of favourite songs.

Margeret, Shake, Rattle & Roll 2018

Reviewed on 12/06/2018

Another fantastic concert. Fully booked Mosgiel show. Thank you all for my "laughter therapy.”

Maureen C, Shake, Rattle & Roll 2018

Reviewed on 12/06/2018

The Mosgiel performance was outstanding, great music, colourful and fun.

Jacqueline D, Shake, Rattle & Roll 2018

Reviewed on 12/06/2018

This is a terrific show, saw this last Thursday in Invercargill, thanks Bonnie, Karl, Suzanne and Pat plus the band, loved every minute.

Cheryl & Noel B, Shake, Rattle & Roll 2018

Reviewed on 13/06/2018

Shake, Rattle & Roll is, in our opinion, an absolutely outstanding Concert & clearly the most complete Operatunity Show that we have been to.
A wonderful ensemble of entertainers & musicians had the audience captivated from opening to close with a beautiful mix of vocal’s, instrumental’s & humour.

Congratulations to all involved.

Carol W, Russia - Waterways of the Tsars 2018

Reviewed on 14/06/2018

“What was the highlight?” is what so many friends have asked. And stepping back with difficulty from the great buildings, works of art, scenery, the friendly locals I found (a couple of vodkas at my “local” in Moscow was a great conversation lubricant), I’ve settled on perhaps the most intimate experience - that afternoon tea in Sverstory with the marvellous Nina and our interpeter. I will never forget – and I’m sure Nina never will either – Sue’s beautiful soprano rendition as she led us in Pokare Ana. Placeba (thanks), Sue – professional organiser and carer, friend, time keeper, comedian, soprano, and nurse when needed.
And of course all our guides/interpreters and Prof Ludmilla were extraordinarily competent, entertaining and frank. Simply the best!”

Janette S, Melbourne 2018

Reviewed on 16/07/2018

I have just been on a most amazing trip to Melbourne with Bonnie, Jess and Lucy.
The choice of the two opera's, Tosca and La Traviata plus the musical, The Wizard of Oz made for a wonderful contrast of entertainment...
The choice and position of the Langham was ideal when free time permitted personal endeavors, and as per the usual Langham standards of perfection and service beyond reproach.
Now to Bonnie, Jess and Lucy.
Lucy is a real treasure. Apparently unflappable, always smiling and a genuinely nice person. The "back room person" who rarely receives the credits due to them but, without whom organisation cannot function properly. A credit to your Company.
Jess, a lady of many hidden talents who made every one feel special. Her musical abilities and vast range of music suited all occasions wonderfully. As with Lucy, nothing was to much trouble.
Bonnie, what a gentleman. As I have a serious progressive condition, I found that coming down coach steps a problem. However, by coming down backwards it helps the pain... He was always there when I needed help, but was never intrusive. A wonderful, caring and sensitive person with a wonderful voice.
The musical interludes at the Hotel were memorable and everyone had a most enjoyable time and one never felt that time was of an essence when traveling on the coaches as everything ran so smoothly and without a hitch.
As this was my first tour with your Company, I have no problem in highly recommending your tours and look forward to your next concert in Hamilton.
Thank you again for a most wonderful eight days in Melbourne.

Betty D, Canada & Alaska 2018

Reviewed on 28/08/2018

Our Canada/Alaska trip was really wonderful, exceeding expectations... Lynette and Karl proved to be great guides. No situation proved too difficult for them. Also, their musical talents awed us. Long may they be members of Operatunity!

Joan & Geoff H, Mississippi 2018

Reviewed on 28/08/2018

...this is the first tour we have travelled with your company and what great value, leadership and attention to detail we received. The cruise down the river was exceptional, music every night and great fellowship.

Karen & Philip C, Russia 2018

Reviewed on 28/08/2018

We have not stopped singing your praises for your leadership of the tour. We also realise how much more worthwhile it was to have been on a tour such as yours as there would have been no way we could have seen, done and learnt so much as we did with you!

Anne G, Tennessee Waltz 2018

Reviewed on 26/09/2018

Just saw today's concert TENNESSEE WALTZ at Hamilton. Often not a great fan of country and western but today's programme almost converted me. So polished with talented singers and musicians! Very professional! Marian Burns and Karl Perigo fantastic!

Diana F, Tennessee Waltz 2018

Reviewed on 26/09/2018

I saw this show at Botany, and what a superb concert it was! Every performer was excellent, every performance was excellent. We have some incredible talent in this little country, and Operatunity really put it on with Tennessee Waltz concert. I loved every minute, every song.

Jennifer E, Tennessee Waltz 2018

Reviewed on 26/09/2018

Amazing show - we saw it at Papakura last Thursday with friends and the general comments were.....’Best show so far this year’!

Beth S, Sydney & Canberra 2018

Reviewed on 26/09/2018

Have just returned from the Canberra-Sydney trip with lovely memories. A HUGE thank you to Lynette and Alex who along with Raelene and Tracey did a wonderful job entertaining and looking after us so beautifully.

Molly P, Tennessee Waltz 2018

Reviewed on 26/09/2018

What a FABULOUS concert!! As a dedicated Operatunity Fan, I've been to many Operatunity concerts in Gisborne and each time I think 'OH THIS IS THE BEST'! Then guess what - another wonderful, fun one. Operatunity keeps bringing us such talented entertainers. Grant Winterburn - oh my gosh, fantastic. The whole cast were just amazing. THANK YOU ALL. I will be out encouraging more to come and fill the seats.

Nedra S, Croatia & Slovenia 2018

Reviewed on 02/10/2018

Many thanks to Jess and Bonnie for all their care and helpfulness as well as the music they provided, they made my heart sing. This trip has to have been the nicest that I have experienced, not that the others were any less but this had variety and history plus adventure. It gave an "old" girl like me much pleasure and ticked off a number of bucket list items. So very many thanks Operatunity Travel you have done it again.

Helen & Grahame H, Southern Lakes and Fiords 2018

Reviewed on 23/10/2018

Many thanks to you all for a fabulous, magic holiday. We could not fault it. The organization of the tour in every respect, accommodation, company, meals and of course the superb entertainment. We would certainly recommend you to our friends.

Beverley M, Divas & Divos 2018

Reviewed on 31/10/2018

...a magnificent concert last Tuesday at Botany. It was masterful - your handling of the past opera virtuoso's on screen and the wonderful voices of your own team combined to produce a feast of joy and entertainment for us all. Bonnie, Kalauni, Derek, Amanda and yourself [Sue] so relaxed yet inherently professional.

Whanganui Chronicle, Tennessee Waltz 2018

Reviewed on 07/11/2018

HOW lucky we are in Whanganui to be one of the 23 venues for the outstanding performances of the highly talented and musically gifted singers of the Operatunity "family"!
Thursday, October 4, was no exception, and the Royal Wanganui Opera House was filled with an appreciative audience who joined in the "Grand Ole Opry" singalongs with gusto.
Advertised as "fabulous, fun and frenetic bluegrass fiddling", it was exactly that. If any readers don't know about it, there are still two daytime concerts this year; November 8 and December 10.
As some of the audience are mobility-impaired and Operatunity's real "home" is the War Memorial Centre, the organisers have gone to a lot of trouble to ensure that lunches are served after the shows so that everyone could thrill to the exceptional "fiddling" of Marian Burns MNZM, diva Suzanne Lynch MNZM, songstress Karen Davy LMM and the inimitable Karl Perigo and his awesome pals. There are other delightful singers in the "team" and every show is unique.

Mary S, Divas & Divos 2018

Reviewed on 21/11/2018

Wonderful concert in Chch today. We thoroughly enjoyed it. You always have talented accompanists who add a great deal to complement the singers!!!


A Special Christmas Message from Bonnie & Karl, and Holiday Shutdown Information.
A Special Christmas Message from Bonnie & Karl, and Holiday Shutdown Information.
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Our Prince & Princess, Alex & Alex!
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WIN a trip for two to the East Cape & Bay of Plenty!
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Our Three Tenors Return for Divas & Divos!

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