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Our ethos is simple - “We give happiness to seniors through music". 



Operatunity is a rare company in New Zealand and probably in the world. It is a very Kiwi company,  formed in 2001 and in that time has grown to be New Zealand’s leading provider of daytime concert entertainment and national and international music travel. 


Its ethos is simply “We give happiness to seniors through music!”


It is a very busy business employing 14 full time staff and 35 contracted artists per year. But more than its great business model, Operatunity is a company with a lot of heart. It touches people and makes a huge difference to people’s lives. 


It presents over 200 concerts annually to seniors throughout New Zealand in 22 different regions from Whangarei to Invercargill. These concerts are filled with joy and are delivered with Operatunity’s unique brand of good music and humour. They are presented in community churches, regional halls and theatres, making them accessible to seniors. They think about things like parking, accessibility for the disabled, the frail and the sick. For an affordable ticket price they even feed their audience morning tea so it becomes a social as well as a musical event for their audiences. 


Unlike any other arts company, the artists greet you at the door. They get to know you and make you feel welcomed and part of the extended family.  Their concerts are of a high standard. They only employ professional New Zealand artists who are talented as well as ‘giving’ performers who genuinely want seniors to have a great time.  None of their amazing artists consider themselves in any way ‘divas.’ They are just normal people who love to sing and are lucky enough to earn their living through their passion.


Operatunity is not an opera company. Operatunity is a play on the words opera and tunes and presents all sorts of different concerts, each with its own special theme: everything from music theatre, 50s and 60s popular songs, Gatsby art deco, Irish, iconic kiwi shows, popular opera, crooners, Glenn miller, big band. Audiences regularly say that Operatunity concerts are ‘the highlight of their lives”. 


On their travel side Operatunity has opened the world to seniors who may be less confident to travel on their own as they get older, especially to widows and widowers who are quoted as saying that Operatunity has changed their lives. “I never thought I would feel happy again” is one quote from Bill who went to Norfolk Island with Operatunity after the death of his wife. They take nearly a thousand seniors away on bespoke music festival trips all over the world each year, where they provide music and fun, as well as take seniors to incredible events and locations. 


Like all companies with a lot of heart, Operatunity has started many community initiatives over the years, supporting the arts communities, senior citizens, and NZ families. 

These range from fundraising projects for earthquake relief for Christchurch and Kaikoura, giving free concerts for seniors there, fundraising for a sustained water supply for a Fiji High School which had no running water, raising over $35,000 and fundraising events for many charities including Alzheimer’s and the Hearing House. They also have partnered, for many years, with Sistema, a South Auckland charity geared to provide classical tuition to lower decile school students. Together they have raised nearly $20,000 and donated around a hundred violins and other instruments to allow children to learn and be part of an incredible socially empowering programme. 


With the advent of COVID and the stressors related to arts and travel organisations, Operatunity has had a perfect storm of stressful contributing factors. But in its ongoing effort to touch the lives of New Zealand seniors it has presented 19 free online concerts called the Happiness Half Hours with artists donating their time to bring comfort, relief and fun to seniors in these stressful times. These concerts have been viewed over 150,000 times and have been shared with seniors in other countries around the world. Operatunity staff and singers also rang over 5000 people during lockdown to check if they were ok. 


Operatunity has recently initiated SOFA which stands for Seniors Offering Families Assistance. This initiative has a two fold benefit: to change the narrative around frail seniors to show seniors to be contributing and strong members of society and to assist families in need at present.  Together with Operatunity’s Senior Audiences all around New Zealand they have collected nonperishable food items at concerts that are then donated to local food banks to families in need. They have now donated nearly $15,000 of cash and more than $30,000 dollars of food to local families in need. 


In the 2020 New Year’s Honours List, Operatunity’s founder Susan Cameron was awarded an MNZM for her services to music and seniors. 


In 2021 Operatunity celebrated its 20th anniversary. It touches the lives of over 65,000 seniors each year in New Zealand and continues to bring happiness through music. 


Dear Sue and John

Huge thanks for another very special Happiness Half Hour. Amazing interview with Dame Vera Lynne and John’s medal story was very poignant and a great credit to you both.
Your story of one of the oldest audience members Sue was an inspiration to us all.
Congratulations on all the Happiness Half Hours. I am enjoying being able to play them over and over!!! Good luck and very best wishes.

~ Dorothy - 2020

Dear Sue, John & the Gang,

What a way to finish my Anzac Day!

I have just watched your Anzac Special and I have to send this note of appreciation for a wonderful presentation.

The programme brought back memories for me as I certainly know all of the songs, which, during the war were great morale boosters.

Your Happiness Half Hours are excellent, much appreciated and seem to get better and better!

My day started before 6.00am when I stood outside to join in the remembrance and now has finished in the best possible way.

My sincere thanks to all involved.

~ Barry - 2020

Thank you for yet another lovely concert. These concerts are a ray of sunshine in these days of lock downs and it is so nice to feel we are getting to know you on a more personal basis. Love the music, the photographs and love the humour!!

Look forward to seeing you back on stage in Tauranga as soon as circumstances permit. It's a nice feeling to know I belong to the Operatunity family.

Love and best wishes to all.

~ Malcolm, Tauranga - 2020

FANTASTIC show in Whangarei yesterday and congratulations to Sue for her award. I took my sister to a show when she was visiting from Vancouver and she was amazed at the talent and costumes and wished they had something similar in Canada.

She is always keen to hear of my travels with the Operatunity family.

Thank you, Sue and John you bring so much joy.

~ Lynn, Whangarei -100 Glorious Years of Song 2020

We have just attended the Glenn Miller concert in Christchurch. What a wonderful time we had. With the beautiful costume changes by the girls and the music that took us back in time another enjoyable morning. Thank you very much you are all real troupers to keep us entertained after a rather tough night getting to Christchurch.

~ Margaret Smart’s Group, Christchurch - 2020

Hurrah! Hurrah! What a bottler of a show. We laughed, we cheered, we were treated to a delightful
time of music and fun. What a wonderful proms at Mosgiel today. Particularly, the rendition of
O Holy Night which was powerful, poignant and so special to me as was The Holy City – I sat, closed
my eyes and listened to these two beautiful songs performed so wonderfully.

Neat to have a special English guest on stage in all her finery at one stage.

Hope all at Operatunity have a wonderful and blessed Christmas.

Look forward to 2020 concerts.

~ Bon, Mosgiel/Dunedin – 2020

Dear John and Sue,

We would like to thank you so much for the wonderful concert that we attended in Rotorua. It was just fantastic as they get better all the time. We are so happy that we are apart of the Operatunity family. Your concerts are a special treat for us as they lift our hearts and send us home with a smile and still singing. You are all so good and will never be forgotten. What a wonderful way to start the year. We love you all. We love you all. We wish you all a very happy New Year.

~ John and Khristine, Rotorua 2020

My trip to your music festival at Norfolk Island was superb! I cannot express my appreciation strongly enough - thank you seems so inadequate. I wouldn’t have missed it for the world!

Your talents and those of your brilliant co-stars will live in my memory for a long long time. I was moved to tears at times the singing so beautiful and meaningful. And each day a new setting and new experience to enjoy.

To add to all the music it was great fun too! And the food delicious!

Many many thanks.

~ Norfolk 2020, Trish White

We want to thank you so much for another wonderful trip and for the memory stick and the great group photo that arrived so quickly. It was so nice to be able to catch up with the four people we met on the 2017 Croatia trip and make new friends, some of whom will be on the Murray River in September. We thoroughly enjoyed the shows but the wee concerts provided by Lynette, Alex, Kelly and Jess are what we think set your trips apart and make them so special.

~ Bryan & Heather H, Melbourne 2020

I just want to thank you so very much for your kindness and help arranging my travel to Norfolk Island.

Everything went without a hitch. I had a wonderful time. It was so hot though. I met some lovely people. Sue and the team kept us so busy and was very tentative.

~ Sylvia S, Norfolk 2020

Thank you both, and your talented team of entertainers for a wonderful trip to Norfolk Island.
It was certainly a time of song, music, love and laughter, and great fun.
I always appreciate the dress code that you have the smartly dressed men and the beautiful gowns you and your ladies wear.
Also thank you to all the crew for looking after us all so well, it is very much appreciated, I am very grateful for the help I received, so it was possible to join the trip.



~ Fay, Norfolk 2020

Another wonderful tour with Operatunity.
Another bunch of special highlights to remember and put in my memory bank. The pleasure each tour gives me is priceless and has added greatly to the very happy person I am. I can’t wait for the next one to Vanuatu.
I feel very special being picked up and taken home after each tour.
It was a great pleasure to see Bonnie, Karl, Paul, Marian, Suzanne, and the Band and to meet Russell. I am in awe of the talents all of them possesses and what lovely people they all are as well.

Love and best wishes,


~ Glenda, Norfolk 2020

Bruce and I wish to say thank you for a truly incredible week with you all in Norfolk Island.
It was a magical time filled with glorious musical events and fun filled activities every day.
It never ceases to amaze us as to how much time and effort you all put into these holidays to make them so special for us, the travelers.
We are left with so many wonderful memories.
Looking forward to our next trip with you.
Many thanks again for this special time.

Kindest regards,

Rowena & Bruce

~ Rowena & Bruce, Norfolk 2020

Hello to The Three Tenors, performers and behind the scenes staff

My husband and I attended your show at the Warkworth Town Hall last Thursday 24 June. This is a message to let you know that we enjoyed the show enormously but that is not all! We were so well and kindly looked after by your staff. We found that a space had been reserved for my husband in his wheelchair which enabled him to have a great view of the stage. Everything was taken care of which helped me enjoy the day also.

Because my Husband’s taxi van had arrived, we had to make a quick exit but before leaving we were asked the type of sandwich we would like. In amongst the rush for the door two super sandwiches were put in our hand and two biscuits as well! It all happened like magic!

We are booked in for the next show and looking forward to going already. It is a highlight of our lives because my husband, Bill Browne has to live permanently at Warkworth Hospital so attending your shows brightens up his life, hugely.

Thank you very much for coming to Warkworth and giving us the opportunity to experience top quality entertainment.

Kind regards

~ Bill and Noeline - 2021

We have just arrived home from the Hamilton concert, what a brilliant show. The three boys were amazing, I don’t think you could better their performance anywhere, and I’m sure they don’t need go to a gym to keep fit. The band also did the concert proud and Grant on the piano was amazing.
We look forward to the Christmas concert.

Thank you again for a wonderful concert

~ Myrie and John - 2021

Hi All, especially Sue and John,

We were among the lucky ones who got to see The Crooners concert last week.
We usually leave the concerts saying “That was the best yet!”.....This one truly was!!
It was fabulous......and so many laughs.

We are sad that many people won’t get to see it, we still all need a ‘lift’ in our lives.
Perhaps a reprise sometime.

Many thanks to all the Operatunity team, you’re all fabulous.
All the very best

~ Pauline and Trevor - 2021

Dear Sue, John and Team,

Once again, many thanks for the wonderful “coromandel Tenors Extravaganza” Such a lovely week enjoying our own beautiful country and for me, an area that I hadn’t visited since 1991, when we stayed with my late husband’s cousins in Tairua.
Everything about the trip was magical and the music sublime! You are a remarkable team and bring so much joy to everyone who participates in your concerts and trips, we are so blessed.
I’m looking forward to the lower Hutt concerts on 26th Feb and the train trip in April, meanwhile a family wedding and a grandchild feature; next week, granddaughter to marry 13th Feb in Dunedin, grandson and partner to have their baby in March.

Again, heartfelt thanks and fondest regards

~ Denise, Coromandel 2021

Dear Operatunity

There are always silver linings in the Lockdown scenarios - and receiving these Happiness Half Hours is certainly up there with the best of them!! So, very many thanks for this - it’s fabulous. Am about to watch this one for a second time!!

Earlier this year, I went on your wonderful trip to Coromandel - this certainly was an outstanding experience - my friend and I enjoyed everything about it - one of
the best holidays I’ve had. Everything was perfect.

When I was on the bus, I got chatting with Cameron Barclay, and I have a question or two I’d like to ask him - is it possible, please, to have an email address for him? (I will quite understand if this can’t be disclosed.)

In the meantime, very best wishes to all of you, and thanks for the incredible effort you put into your programmes. Am keeping my fingers crossed that your future ventures (concerts and trips) can go ahead, and am really looking forward to the rest of this year’s concerts.

With kindest regards

~ Sandra, Coromandel 2021

Hi Sue & John,

In light of Level 3, I understand completely re The Crooners, of course disappointing and unfortunate for all but it is better to stay safe. Look forward to your next email for further information.

So glad Gary and I did the Coromandel with you. It was fabulous, several areas off our bucket list.

We were most impressed with the venues, the meals, table settings, most of all the organization, and of course the 5 Tenors, not forgetting Chris, the coach driver, especially the control re the scary moment over the Kopu Hikuai with misty windows. A most memorable, fabulous tour, thank you.

~ Valerie and Gary, Coromandel 2021

I would like to thank you both personally for the wonderful time you gave us on this tour. You were the perfect hosts, well organised, caring and most of all, fun! This was my first tour with you, and it will not be my last. I fell in love with Bonnie and Cameron, they are fabulous guys, like yourselves, caring and great company. Operatunity is a professional company and that is reflected in the performers you employ, they were wonderful with the guests, they made us feel part of your family. It was a shock to return home to my husband who I have been a caregiver for 20 years, but it was the tour with you guys, that gives me the spirit to carry on and dream about my well-earned and most loved break away from family worries. Thank you again for a wonderful tour, the memories will stay with me forever.

~ Margaret, Lets Boogie 2021

When my beloved husband passed away just before Christmas 2019, my world came crashing down and I could not see how life could ever be normal again. In 2020, I realised that it was time to get out and start making a new life for myself, but my self-confidence was very low, and I knew I needed time away form home and a change of scenery following lockdown. I thought back to the two overseas trips that I had enjoyed with Operatunity some years previous and the way we were looked after and cared for by the tour hosts. I knew that this was the environment where I could feel safe and be myself without being judged. It didn’t matter that I would not know any of the travellers on the tour because they would be like minded people who understand me and cared about each other. They would understand if I was feeling down or if a song during a performance bought me to tears and they did just that. So, I booked two trips and what an amazing experience they were! I came home feeling a different person and with more confidence to face the future and whatever it holds for me. Everyone was so kind and caring and understanding. I have made some new friends from the trips who want to stay in contact with me. I want to thank you all for helping me to change and adapt and for giving me the confidence to face the world again. I couldn’t live without music in my life, and it is truly therapeutic. The wonderful Operatunity team that administers music does it in such a special manner that enhances the therapeutic effect and I have proved that to be true in recent times from my experiences.
Thank you to all at Operatunity for your part in my progress, and I look forward to continuing to enjoy music with you for years to come.

~ Rosemary

I do not know how to say thank you. It is simply not sufficient for all you give me. So, I sit here wondering, how you will ever know what you have done, not just for me, but for all those thousands who are lucky enough to have found you.

~ Julie, Rondo Member

Hi, Sue and John, Bonnie, Kalauni, Kelly, Grant, Derek, Chris, and Sonja and all her Travel support team,
I'm just back from the Magic Music Winter Wonderland trip, how fantastic was that!!
A huge thanks to you all but especially our ever-present, caring, fun-loving and very talented Bonnie, Kalauni, Kelly, Grant, and driver Chris, who all made the trip so enjoyable and memorable - from the excellent planned itinerary through to improvising and impromptu tweaking!! And to Derek, too, at our last night's concert.
There were many, many memorable moments during the trip, but for me the concert at Church of the Good Shepherd, the Clay Pinnacles, Mt Cook in the snow, curling in Naseby, singing in St Bathans, & dancing in Te Anau were just some of those extra special moments - wow!
I'm looking forward very much to getting the group's photo USB, these are such a great idea - thanks. To everyone in Operatunity, thank you again for another wonderful Operatunity Travel experience!

~ Anne Jack, Winter Wonderland 2021

Once again, many thanks for the wonderful “coromandel Tenors Extravaganza.” Such a lovely week enjoying our own beautiful country and for me, an area that I had not visited since 1991, when we stayed with my late husband’s cousins in Tairua. Everything about the trip was magical and the music sublime! You are a remarkable team and bring so much joy to everyone who participates in your concerts and trips, we are so blessed.
Again, heartfelt thanks and fondest regards

~ Denise, Coromandel 2021

Thank you both, and your talented team of entertainers for a wonderful trip to Norfolk Island.
It was certainly a time of song, music, love and laughter, and great fun. I always appreciate the dress code that you have the smartly dressed men and the beautiful gowns you and your lady’s wear.
Also thank you to all the crew for looking after us all so well, it is very much appreciated, I am very grateful for the help I received, so it was possible to join the trip

~ Fay, Norfolk Island 2020

The Waiheke trip was just amazing; to me, everything was perfect – accommodation, places we visited, food and your wonderful people who as well as being great singers (and actors) are so flexible in the many jobs they undertake and are so very people oriented. They are such lovely people who have a wonderful rapport with the older age group.

~ Ginny, Waiheke Island 2021

We are writing to thank you all for a wonderful bus and train tour around the North Island. We especially like going to several ‘out of the way’ places such as Martinborough, The Forgotten Highway, as well as some of the side trips to beautiful gardens and homes. All the concerts were wonderful. We especially were impressed with the way all of the team not only performed their musical duties, who also worked long hours and took on a wide range of tasks from baggage handlers to trolley dollies, to assisting many of the tour party getting on and off the bus and train.

~ Noel & Barbara, Off the Beaten Track 2021

Can’t believe it’s a week since our wonderful holiday and unforgettable last night at ‘the Bach’. A week of fun, laughter, and kindness. Can’t find appropriate words to thank organising admin, entertainers, Sue and John. Heaps of love to you all!

~ Pamela & Hans, Waiheke Island 2021

My husband and I have attended your concerts for some time. Unfortunately, he passed away with lung cancer. Only 11 days prior to this and after his last radiotherapy session he attended your concert. I have a lasting vision of him standing and giving you performances a standing ovation with a huge smile on his face despite his weakened condition. This was probably the last time I saw him enjoying himself. He died 11 days later. Thanks for the memory.

~ Marie

Dear All,
How could I ever thank you enough for the wonderful Happiness Half Hours that you are sending us? If the whole country isn’t listening to these shows they should be. There is absolutely no better way of feeling uplifted and happy than spending half an hour watching and listening to you all. Thank you, Sue, for arranging these programmes and sharing them with us and thank you to all the rest of you amazing performers for sharing your talents with us. If we can’t watch you in person this is absolutely the very next best thing. Now to sign off and spend the rest of my day singing “We’ll Meet Again”.

~ Collen, Hastings Happiness Half Hour

Well done, another amazing contribution from the most caring people of Operatunity. There are not many businesses who would spread so much love and care to the more mature in our country, in such a professional way, as you all do.
Your shows have got better and better as each year goes by. You bring on new, young talent & give them opportunity to progress in their careers.
We feel we know you all personally, just like a family. You make us laugh; you make us cry.
Many thanks & keep up the good work. Also take care of yourselves & your families at this time.

~ Janet, Orewa - Happiness Half Hour

To Operatunity,
You guys and girls are the bee's knees. Now I'm craving Operatunity concerts like I'm craving for fish and chips because I can't have either!!! Huge thanks to Karl's mum for her video and the giggle wobbles were fun. We had to hold our water while jigging along with our favourite fiddler.
There will be special gifts from the lock down and your gift to us is top of that list!!

~ Cindy - Happiness Half Hour

Dear John and Sue,
We would like to thank you so much for the wonderful concert that we attended in Rotorua. It was just fantastic as they get better all the time. We are so happy that we are part of the Operatunity Family. Your concerts are a special treat for us as they lift our hearts and send us home with a smile and still singing. You are all so good and will never be forgotten. What a wonderful way to start the year. We love you all. We wish you all a happy New Year.

~ Kristine & John, Rotorua

Hurrah! Hurrah! What a bottler of a show. We laughed, we cheered, we were treated to a delightful time of music and fun. What a wonderful prom at Mosgiel today. Particularly, the rendition of O Holy Night, which was powerful, poignant, and so special to me as was The Holy City – I sat, closed my eyes and listened to these two beautiful songs performed so wonderfully.
Hope all at Operatunity have a wonderful and blessed Christmas.

~ Bon, Mosgiel

Dear All,
Jan and I have been attending your concerts at Somervell Church Remuera since the beginning. We have watched your success and the formula you have used. Congratulations on a wonderful Business Pattern.
Every concert has improved in every way from content, back drops to costumes etc. Your Artists put their ALL into every performance with enthusiasm and humour bringing pleasure to so many elderly and disabled folk. We would never miss a concert unless our health would not permit.
Your tours are well organised and the tour leaders very caring!

~ Cyril and Jan, Remuera - 2021

Heartiest congratulations Susan to you and all your cast. How uplifting and inspiring from everybody! It is so lovely to see so many people enjoying your performances. What joy you brought to the audience as you normally do. I introduced a friend to your concert today and he loved it too. I spent perhaps the 1st 20 to 30 mins wiping away tears of joy and they were never far away after that. The concert was fabulous and brought back so many lovely memories of wonderful music. Bless you all Sue and please convey my heartfelt appreciation to everyone. It was magical and fabulous.

~ John, Te Atatu - 2021

I attended your last concert at Southwards and want to say thank you Operatunity for all your wonderful music and entertainment. You mentioned in your opening that we could laugh or cry and to enjoy the programme, you were right on, I did enjoy, laughed heaps, and struggled to hold back tears while singing "Till We Meet Again", it meant so much to me. Your pianist, voices and acting are all very clever and funny, I like the way you all work as a team from deck to stage to serving us lunch to selling CD's/DVDs on the way out, all well done and great to see. Continue making music for all of us music lovers. I laughed and sang all the way back to Island Bay

~ Nev, Kapiti - 2021

Susan Boland


Susan Boland, is owner and co-founder of Operatunity. She has been a professional singer for 30 years. Her achievements include winning all major aria competitions...

John Cameron


John Cameron, owner and co founder of Operatunity has enjoyed a singing career spanning several decades. His primary musical love is the romantic ballad and...

Bonaventure Allan-Moetaua

Principal Resident Artist

Bonaventure Allan-Moetaua was awarded the Iosefa Enari Scholarship Award for the support and development of Pacific Island Opera Singers in 2004 and was a finalist...
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Karl Perigo

Principal Resident Artist

Karl Perigo has a string of credits to his name having performed lead roles in Les Miserables and recently in the title role as 'The...
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Young New Zealand entertainer Kelly Lim Harris is known for her captivating stage presence, pearlescent vocals, and remarkable versatility. Classically trained but seduced by contemporary music,...
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Aaron Coddel


Aaron is a versatile freelance musician and photographer. He has played electric and acoustic bass for jazz greats Cleo Laine, Mark Murphy and saxophonist George Coleman. He...
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Alex Foster


Alexandra Claire Foster has a Bachelor of Music majoring in Classical Performance at the University of Auckland. Singing and entertainment are her greatest passions and...
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Alex Milligan


Alex holds a BMus (Performance) from the University of Auckland. Since graduating, Alex has maintained a busy and varied performance career around New Zealand including...
Amanda Atlas

Amanda Atlas


New Zealand soprano Amanda Atlas embarked on her international career in 1999, spending ten years singing for various opera companies and orchestras in the US and Europe....
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Benjamin Makisi


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Cameron Barclay

Cameron Barclay


Cameron is a graduate of both the University of Auckland and the New Zealand School of Music, where he studied singing, French and Italian. He was...
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Chet O’Connell


Chet O’Connell has earned a formidable reputation as one of New Zealand’s most dynamic, in-demand guitarists at the same time as receiving accolades as a...

Derek Hill


Derek is a graduate of Montreal University and has performed with many NZ opera companies including NBR NZ Opera. He is a Freemasons Opera Scholar,...
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Grant Winterburn


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Isaac Pawson


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Jessica Hindin


Jess has successfully toured internationally with world music show “Barrage” for almost 5 years through 5 continents. Her work encompasses classical, world, gypsy, jazz, country,...

Kalauni Pouvalu


Kalauni is a member of the Auckland Chamber Choir, that represented Auckland University overseas in Singapore and the United Kingdom in 2010 under the conduct...

Lukas Fritsch


While studying saxophone at The University of Auckland, Lukas spent his summers performing with the Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines around the Americas. Having recently completed his...

Lynette Martin


Lynette is well known to Operatunity audiences. She has performed for over 30 years including principal roles with Auckland Opera, Wellington City Opera and Opera...

Marian Burns


One of New Zealand’s iconic entertainers, Marian's unstoppable energy and joy sweeps you up in her path. Picking up her first violin at the age...
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Mike Booth


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Pete France


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Suzanne Lynch


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Virtuoso, Versatile Star - Kelly Lim Harris
Virtuoso, Versatile Star - Kelly Lim Harris
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