Operatunity Office Update

To all our Operatunity Friends,

Please be advised that to keep our office staff safe we have sent them all home and they will now be working from home  - It is a wonderful chance to finish the planning for 2021 trips and concerts!

Over the past weeks we have been moving towards staff working from home, so we can keep Operatunity working and keep our staff being paid. There is lots to do - it is simply they are working on everything at home rather than in the office at present. We need to care for our staff as well as all of you.

Please limit your contact with them. They will be accessible by email.

Concerts:  bookings@operatunity.co.nz

Travel: travel@operatunity.co.nz

If you require urgent attention please ring Sue: 021 627821
Or John: 021 969786. 
Please limit this to urgent inquires only. 

Concerts will be suspended until further notice. 

We urge all our customers to stay home. You do not need to go out. Stay home and be safe.

Over the weekend we put out a call to all our singers and musicians to prepare musical items for you. Every single one of them came back to us to donate their time and make this happen. They are all working on songs at the moment so watch this space and we will be coming to you in your homes with a variety of songs and jokes. This is to give you something to look forward to over the days and weeks. 

These will be on our Facebook page so get your families to join you up and on YouTube where you can simply press a button and you will see us.

Remember stay home. You do not need to go out. Get your family and friends to bring you stuff. This is the time to clean that cupboard, or catch up on those family trees, or enjoy a good book, or do that gardening, or even have a rest for goodness sake. Most of you are busier than me!

Over the past two weeks our amazing staff have already rung more than 2000 of you. We will be keeping this up so we look forward to a chat and a chance to check that you are ok. 

Operatunity is all about care so the best way we can care for you at the moment is to urge you to stay home, phone you so you have someone to talk to and sing to you through virtual concerts.  

Be gentle on yourself. This is a scary time but we will get through. I have worked with seniors all my life. I have always found it ironic that others think as you get older you get weaker. But you are the strongest members of our society. We may not have seen anything like this before but you have seen so much in your lives. Use that wisdom now to care for yourselves. 

We will be in touch with you. You stay strong and care for yourselves and each other as we care for you. 

As a country we unite. Enjoy a special moment with one of our national songs in one of the most beautiful places and celebrate New Zealand and each other at this time. Please click here to watch. 

With lots of love from,

Sue, John, Bonnie, Karl, Sonja, Kelly, Alex, Lynette, Paul, Grant, Alex F, Lisa, Raelene, Tracey, Cheryl, Aimee, Sandy and all the team at Operatunity. 

Operatunity Office Update


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